10 Ways to Improve Household Storage

Need extra space for all your household items? Then why not look into improving household storage options in your home.

If you have too much stuff and don’t want to move – and have already tried de-cluttering your home, but to no avail then it’s probably time to think about re-organising everything instead. An overhaul of how you look after things in your home – from clothes and crockery to jewellery and more personal items – can do wonders for your day-to-day living, creating extra space throughout your property and helping you to stay organised and keep on top of things such as reminders and energy bills. So what kind of storage solutions are we talking about?

First of all, make sure everything – that is, absolutely everything – in your home has its own place. By keeping things in the same place each day you have somewhere to return it to after use, and don’t have to worry about losing it next time you need it. If something doesn’t have – or need – a place, then you probably don’t need to keep it after all.

Still, there are a number of storage options that can help you create these places for your household essentials, including…

  • Under-bed drawers, boxes or crates – these help to keep things you don’t use every day out of sight and neatly stored away for future use.

  • Additional shelving – books and ornaments look best placed on shelves, but avoid cluttering these up with useless junk – and if you don’t want the place to look claustrophobic don’t fit too many shelves in a single room either.

  • Hooks and indoor racks and railings – CD and DVD racks are a great way to look after delicate electronics that might otherwise break, while hooks and shoe racks in a hallway or porch area can be a great way to keep shoes, coats, umbrellas and hats all in one place.

  • Jars and canisters – this is a dodgy option, as you might end up just filling them with useless junk – but for small and dainty objects that could get lost or broken in a drawer and still come in handy – such as pens, pins and batteries etc. – a few household jars can keep them in sight at all times.

  • Bath and shower caddies – clear bathroom shelves and floors with handy bath and shower caddies, which come in a range of waterproof colours and designs.

  • Rotating cupboards – best used for bathrooms or kitchens, rotating cupboards are placed in the corners of a room and work by making the most of all the space you have underneath a work surface – and help to reduce the risk of breakages, spills or thing simply expiring before you’ve had time to reach at the back and use them!

  • Storage boxes – perfect for all the kids toys, or random collections of bills and paperwork, storage boxes help to keep things packed neatly in one place in a waterproof container where things are unlikely to get lost.

  • Recycling bins – finally, see if you can encourage the family to start recycling with personalised home recycling bins. These work by simply splitting your recyclable items into the appropriate containers right at the source, so you don’t accidentally keep anything you don’t need. If you’re unsure about what your local council collect, you can find additional details about the nearest recycling bins and collections in your area on the government website.

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