Have you accumulated your hard earned money to finally purchase that dream house of yours? Or maybe you just want to move to your first ever new home? As most people tend to say that one shouldn’t buy a house if there is no plan to stay for long, you are very likely to stay in the house for quite a number of years to come! So as you can already imagine, it is truly vital that you test a house rigorously before buying in order to ensure long term happiness, as well as to save some money. So in case you are going for that big purchase, be sure to check the following aspects:

The house bones

If the solidity of a house is questionable, or the walls don’t seem to be plumb for some reason, it may be time to consider another house. No matter how good some aspects of a house may seem, if the walls seem bowed, or the structure far from solid, you should never buy that house!

The roof

The common phrase “roof over the head” is absolutely relevant when it comes to purchasing a house. Since the roof is your saver from burning sunlight and rough weather, it is essential that it is in good condition. In case the roof is not well, you must demand a slash in the final price, and get the term signed in paper.

The fireplace

A fireplace is dear to many since the added charm and style that comes with it is irresistible. However, a fireplace needs extra inspection, particularly if the type is masonry. Check whether the fireplace is covered to prevent squirrels or birds from entering. See if there is a need for mortar repair. Also ask – ‘Was there a recent inspection?’

The bathroom

It is trendy to have luxurious bathrooms, but just sparkling cleanliness is not everything. Even if a bathroom is new, check the fixtures, showers, countertops, tiles, tubs etc. with proper care. Check for quality as well as for condition.

The kitchen

Since you will spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, make sure that you like the cabinets, countertops and the floor, since these things are very expensive to replace. Do not hesitate to check thoroughly the condition of built-in appliances and the storage scene

The basement

There does not seem much to consider about a basement, but if you later find out that the basement is all wet after heavy rain or storm, you will sure get a headache. So make sure that the basement will remain dry at all times!

The overall finish

Houses that are old and still in excellent condition are those which are taken care of very well. The tiny details regarding finish and architecture are important. Therefore, check whether the details are all good, or if things need some restoration. Missing details may cost a lot in the long run.

The furnace and the air conditioner

Ensuring excellent condition of furnace and air conditioner is extremely significant. You don’t want to find out that the AC is not really working in a hot July day, do you? How will you feel to know that the furnace broke down when it started snowing! In case the conditions are not great, negotiate for extra discount.

The hard floors and the carpets

Since the floors are almost like the base of a house, you have got to love the floors! If you like the existing ones, check thoroughly for loopholes. In case you do not, calculate the replacement costs beforehand, and replace the floors with new ones before moving with your things. Do not forget to inspect the condition of carpets!


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