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10 Reasons to Switch to a Larger Oven

A conventional oven is always a safe bet, but if you need more room and extra space why not upgrade to a larger model?

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If you love having friends and relatives round for dinner parties, have a large (and perhaps continuously growing) family or simply enjoy cooking for yourself, then there’s always a good enough reason to continue to invest in your kitchen and all its appliances. And while replacing an oven might sound like a bit of a hassle (especially if your existing model works perfectly fine), a brand new double oven cooker can do wonders for both your food and your home! But what sort of models are we talking about? And what else do they have to offer?

Types of Larger Ovens

There are three main types of larger cookers or ovens on the market that you can choose from to update your kitchen:

Dual-Ovens are usually the same width as an ordinary oven, but instead of the modern layout (the grill is usually placed back above the hob, like with a traditional gas cooker) the bulk of the appliance has two different ovens, that can be set at different temperatures and used simultaneously.

Multi-Burners are designed as wider oven fittings that include both a regular cooker and a smaller side oven next to it, plus anywhere between six to eight gas and/or electric rings on the hob – so you can cook multiple dishes all at once.

Range Cookers are similar to multi-burners, these high-tech range cookers are bulky ovens that include a lot more space on the hob – but instead of two ordinary ovens you get anywhere between three to six specially-designed ovens for different types of cooking. From a baking oven to a roasting unit, range cookers boast the most comprehensive cooking experience for kitchen lovers.

Benefits of Larger Ovens

So now you know the types of larger oven models available – but why get them installed in your property? Well, here are some of the major benefits you should consider before making any kind of firm decision:

  • First and foremost, a larger oven is a multi-talented kitchen appliance that can be used for any type of home cooking. Whether you want to bake a loaf of bread, roast a lamb joint, conjure up a tasty stir-fry or grill the perfect sausages, a larger oven can do just about anything, and more than one thing at once – and all in one place too!
  • Because you can cook so much, larger ovens are perfect for having guests and friends over on a regular basis – meaning that you can host more vibrant, colourful and exciting dinner parties much more often than you currently can with a traditional four-burner.
  • Equally, if you and other family members want to cook separate meals, it means you don’t have to sit around waiting your turn. You can both make whatever you like, all in the same place and at the same time – without getting in each other’s way!
  • Because they have so much additional space, larger oven models also offer loads of extra room to store all those unsightly baking trays and roasting dishes – freeing up the cupboards in your kitchen for more cooking ingredients.
  • Nearly all larger ovens come in a variety of different colours, styles and sizes, meaning there is one to suit almost any kind of kitchen, no matter what your taste in interior décor.
  • You can also choose to have the oven freestanding or fully fitted and integrated into the kitchen – whatever you think suits the overall design of the room better.
  • Similarly, you can choose from a wide range of larger ovens on the market that include both gas-powered and electric models – so you don’t have to switch from your favorite way of cooking any time soon.
  • If you have a rather small or awkwardly-shaped kitchen, most manufacturers and/or retailers can offer a custom-made service to figure out the best way of installing the larger oven unit in your home – so you don’t have to go without.
  • Because larger ovens enable you to separate different dishes, it means you can cook everything as it is meant to be cooked – allowing you to lock in more flavour and nutrients dish-by-dish and improve your culinary skills overnight!
  • Finally, these large ovens can be installed by a trained and qualified electrician or accredited Gas Safe boiler engineer – and usually it takes less than a day for it to be hooked up and ready to use! Just make sure you shop around and compare as many different quotes from potential contractors as possible. It’s not always a good idea to go for the cheapest option on the market (you want the unit fitted safely and securely after all!) but you might still find a great deal that could save you a bit of extra cash!

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